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,A foster carer with an addict's dog (left), and Kriss Blevens (right). (Facebook / Kriss Blevens) Tweet Facebook Mail A US *** recovery crusader who established an emergency treatment centre for people has also offered to care for their pets while they undergo treatment. Kriss Blevens, who launched Ambers Place in New Hampshire after her own daughter died from an overdose, realised she did not want to break the bond between pets and their owners at such an important time in their lives. Ms Blevens decided to offer to arrange care for addicts’ pets after an addicted woman brought her dog into the centre. At first, it seemed that it would have to be adopted out, but Ms Blevens arranged for it to be fostered on the condition that the woman go to rehab. “We support recovery for the whole family at HOPE with the help of amazing organizations in our community,” Ms Blevens wrote on Facebook. Pets and their owners will then be able to reunite after treatment. A supporter of the local Manchester Animal Shelter pointed out that their group had also been inundated with dogs from drug addicts, as the city struggles to cope with the problem. RelatedJack the dinosaur makes a move to new home'I'm just going to keep running': Kade, 9, accidentally wins 10km race after missing turn and sending mum into panicMeet the Gold Coast gardeners baring it all while on the jobFor more information about Ambers Place, visit the centre’s website.


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